SATURDAY:  Book signing at Blackbird Bakery during the music festival.  It was a great idea.  Blackbird Bakery is a favorite writing spot. When I am free after 2:00 in the afternoon I like to go in order something sweet and a coffee (I like places with free refills) and I take a seat in the balcony where I can write in peace.  It is also a favorite spot for Nattie, AKA Natasha.  In “Why Him?” Nattie follows a suspect there and they share a chocolate-peanut butter square.  In “Why Me?” Nattie has an interaction with Kevin in the balcony that I hope to add to the videos collection soon (I also hope “Why Me?” will be available for purchase in November).  Unfortunately the book signing missed the Rhythm & Roots traffic but the bakery’s traffic was great none-the-less. We met these two ladies from New York who like to travel and sample local cuisine and literature.

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