After walking Maggie at 6:00 and breakfast with Barb at 7:00 I headed downtown to the Blackbird Bakery where I got an hour with “Why Knox?” It felt good to re-aquaint myself with book #5.  At 9:00 I waled down Piedmont to the Southeast Culinary & Hospitality College to meet with chef Richard and Mary.  We worked on setting up an event to celebrate the release of “Why Bristol?”  The details are still being worked out but the wheels are in motion and I’m excited about it.  I had therapy clients from 10:00 to noon.  At noon I made a call to invite the ministry of Family Promise to be part of that event (I’ll devote a whole blog to that ministry at a later date).  Then a call to negotiate a timetable with the Book Couple who are doing the typesetting and they agreed to have “Why Bristol?” ready by Wednesday afternoon, which was perfect timing for he proofreader who will have it back to me by Thursday.  If that happens on time then the Book Couple will set it up at CreateSpace (a division of Amazon) and then Cumberland Marketing, who designed the cover can load that on Friday.  I emailed the proofreader and Cumberland to give each of them a head up on the timetable and got a thumbs up back from each.  Lunch with Barb and back to the therapy room from 1:30 until 6:30. Phone calls and emails to the 2nd charity and the band are still in process and there’s a list for tomorrow, but it has been a good day.










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