They are so excited they had to scream.  Me too.  It does not always work this way, but I’m on an incredible run of great timing fortune.  I say fortune because I have had no hand in creating this run, but I sure am enjoying it while it lasts.  Thursday was Food City Race Night, which kept me out past my bed time.  Unloading, taking inventory, and reordering was put off until Friday morning, which was also when the editor sent back “Why Bishop?”  The weekend was therefore devoted to putting the editors considerable suggestions to good use and just a few minutes ago I sent the body of the novel to the typesetter.  If I can finish the Title, copyright, and acknowledgement pages on Monday I’ll be set to change gears on Tuesday.  All this timing occurs in the shadow of September 5th when King College begins a new year, adding another 30 hours to my workweek.  Why can’t the summer last all year?

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