All Along The Watchtower As I was working on “Why Knox?” yesterday afternoon at the Grind House an older gentleman (he could be younger than me for all I know) sat down at the next table facing me.  “That must be strong coffee,” he said, “you’re so wired you’re playing the piano on your keyboard.”  He was right, but it wasn’t the coffee, in fact if I weren’t sleeping these days I’d say i was in a manic episode.  I just have lots of deadlines converging all together.  I’ve got to be ready for the fall semester and the freshman come in on Saturday.  I’ve advertised a September 12th release for “Why Bristol?” which will also give me books to sell at Rhythm & Roots on the 14th.  Details for the May, ’13 Italy trip have to be made, handouts for Rhythm & Roots have to be ordered, a press release has to be proofed, charities for an October 27th event have to be enlisted as well as donations for a silent auction, a detailed health history is required by my new doctor, I have 2 presentations to do for the parents of freshman this weekend, and Barb and I are considering a new cottage industry.  So, yes, I’m wired….and it was “All Along The Watchtower” that I was playing on my keyboard.

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