10371436_655141591250753_9086046158212851425_nI usually fight off thoughts about starting my next book until I get the current book into the hands of the readers.  The was much more difficult this time than ever before because of how long the last one took to finish.  “Jasper Lilla and the Flight to Boone” is the third and final installment in the Jasper Lilla Saga. I was on schedule to have it finished last summer and ready for publication by late fall.  I was on schedule, that is, until I went off schedule.  I usually work a 25 hour week during the summer, which gives me big chunks of time for writing, but due to several changes (mostly good ones) in the landscape of my life writing was not on the radar.  The fall was full and so was Christmas vacation, leaving an already over committed spring looking like more of the same.  But winter was good to me.  The threat of snow & ice shut down King twice for nearly a full week each time, allowing me enough time to write my way back into the novel.  So, now the editing process has begun (which is more hands off than hands on for me).

Now I’m working on “Through the Roof.”  It’s been percolating for awhile.  The setting is an older downtown church which is being converted into a home by a man who earns a living making and selling bookcases at craft shows and festivals.  I didn’t begin by putting those two ideas together.  These, and many other ideas float through my awareness like gnats at a picnic.  I try not to pay too much attention, but some of those gnats just keep reappearing, and sometimes they fly into my eye and get stuck under the eyelid.  That’s what happened to me with “Through The Roof,”  I heard a sermon and had an interaction on Sunday that set off a series of thoughts on Monday that, like gnats in the eye,  I had to pay attention to.  So, Monday night, with the Jasper book at 50,000 words, I wrote the first two chapters of my next book.  I had to, I couldn’t see straight otherwise.  Now I that I can focus on “Through the Roof”  I have a protagonist and a catalyst, and a partial setting (I know it’s a church, but I don’t know where the church is).  What I need now are the back stories on the major characters, and oh yeah, I really need an antagonist.

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