uf4-wa6-U3CDrlTj_zMY9XsUR6qyvaaGI2-scOkOcYg“Why Now?: The Night the Wolves Escaped from Bays Mountain” was released in the summer.  Writing “Why Now?” really connected me to the City of Kingsport.  My counseling schedule allowed me to spend one morning a week in Kingsport and I spent it in various coffee shops and eateries.  The two places that were the most responsive about being included in “Why Now?” were Betty’s stockyard Cafe and Nutty Java II.

I began writing “Why Now?” in May of 2013 and I turned it over to Bob Land for editing in May of 2014.  The plot line of the book I intended to write at that time featured detective Nattie Moreland following a Kingsport woman to Tuscany.  That ploy was shelved when our trip to Tuscany was scrapped.  Instead of Tuscany for a month we went to St. Lucia for a week, but I couldn’t put single Nattie at a Sandals couples resort.  Without a clear idea I got up every morning and wrote about what I was experiencing.  This led to the discovery that I really enjoyed writing in first person.  Between a quarter and a third of “Why Now?” was written in first person through the character of Jack, who was the recipient of every goofy thing I experienced or did.

I got great encouragement from new Kingsport friends Billy Crawford of Bubba’s Book Exchange, Bonnie McDonald of the Kingsport Office of Arts & Cultural Events, and Dr. Martin of the I Love Books bookstore.  It was also encouraging to hear from so many of the readers who have read every why mystery.  The overwhelming consensus is that “Why Now?” is the best.

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