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The Chicago Cubs and the Why Mysteries

The Cubs play an important role in the Natasha McMorales Why Mystery series. Detective Nattie Moreland’s brother, Kevin, knew when Jim Riggleman was manager of the Cubs and that was a major clue in one of the novels.  In “Why … Continue reading

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My fascination with wolves did not start the Eclipse movies. If my fascination began with a book it would have been The Call of the Wild by Jack London. If it were a movie it would have been “The Journey … Continue reading

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“WHY NOW?”: first draft in the tank

I began writing “Why Now?” last May while on a trip to St. Lucia.  Last week I wrote the last chapter.   It was written in four parts and although I edited each part as I went, I still needed … Continue reading

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Is “WHY NOW?” subtitle too long?

I know that “The Night the Wolves Escaped from Bays Mountain” is quite long for a sub-title, but does is it too long?  I wrote it this way primarily because outside of Bristol, Kingsport has been the most supportive of … Continue reading

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