11796178_1220262267999818_2419631977136420081_nThis was my 3rd year at the Virginia Highlands Festival, but my first year at the opening weekend.  Last year I sold 62 books over the last 3 days.  This year I sold 81.  The big seller was “Jasper Lilla and the wolves of Banner Elk.”  Besides selling books and, of course, eating carnival food all weekend, one of the best parts of going to festivals is the people you meet.  In that first picture is JoAnn.  She really liked the “Jasper Lilla” cover but explained that until she gets past an eye surgery reading is a difficult and frustrating thing for her.  She bought a copy anyway and had me sign it to someone else (it’s a gift to someone I won’t name).  Well JoAnn came back the next day and told me 11202883_10153829706888488_5698069239938475989_nthat once she took a peek at it she couldn’t put it down.  Although she had already finished it, she was back to buy her own copy, plus the second book, plus 2 more copies as gifts.  Then there’s Chuck Walsh, the author of “Shadows on Iron Mountain,” in the next picture.  He and his wife Sandy had a booth/table next to mine and we shared ideas throughout the weekend (although I got better than I gave).  That picture of Chuck and I was taken by Sandy.  Lastly there was Derek Loudy, of Blountville.  He’s read all the Why Mysteries and is even quoted on the back of “Why Me?”  Derek got the new books, but made me promise that there would be more Why Mysteries to come…..So, to everyone who made the weekend better by simply being kind and engaging…thanks.  The world is so much better to live in when we smile at each other,

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