unnamed-4February 29, 2016:  “Jasper Lilla and the Flight to Boone” is finally done.  I was on track to have the first draft finished in August of ’15, but I didn’t stay on track and so, half a year later, it’s done.  It’s not really done, but the first draft and my first edit is done and now it’s off to some readers.  So, for a  month, it isn’t my concern.  The four (maybe five) readers will critique it.  Readers are important, they donate their time and energy to tell me more here, less there, that doesn’t ring true, and don’t do that.  After they are done I’ll do another edit myself and then send it off to my editor, who will fix the spelling, tense, and punctuation mistakes, and he’ll give me another list of things I have to fix.  Then it’s off to the formatter and then the proofreader.  So, it should be ready for market by mid May.  That’s when it will be really done.  But for me, it’s no longer disturbing my sleep.  It’s the readers’ problem now.  I’M DONE.  I’m two chapters in to “Through the Roof” so, at least for now, I’M DONE.

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