IMG_1004Selling my books is awkward, but doing it at fun events cuts the strangeness in half.  July 19th was the official release date for “Why Knox?”  It was featured at Border Bash.  Border Bash was the first of many “events” in which I will set up a table and try to sell Why Mystery novels.  As expected the big seller was “Why Knox?”  A week later I went to Robcon (a comic book convention in Viking Hall).  Robcon was great, I met a whole new audience and the big seller was “Why Natasha?”, the first Why mystery.  There were a lot of people in costume at Robcon.  My favorite was Jack Sparrow (that’s him holding “Why Knox?”).  Next weekend I’ll be at the Perkins restaurant in Johnson City, where I’ll feature “Why Him?” (the 2nd book) because it’s about an ETSU prof who gets arrested for murdering another ETSU prof.  The week after that is the Virginia Highlands Festival.  The rest of August includes another comic book conference in Johnson City and Food City Race Night before the BMS race (I’ll be pushing “Why Bristol?: Murder at BMS” that night).  September will include a Saturday at the Perkins in Kingsport and Rhythm & Roots (where I hope “Why Knox?: Revenge at Rhythm & Roots” is a big hit).

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