C S Thompson was born in 1951 to Charlie and Joyce Thompson in Greenville, Texas.  Charlie was an engineer working for AT&T.  His earliest memory of my father is sitting on his lap while he read ‘Once and Future King.’  A sister, Meredith joined the family four years later.  The Thompsons were free thinkers who valued individual creativity in both thought and aesthetics.  His mother had him in art classes with adults while he was in grade school and his father actually made an acoustic guitar for his sister.  They went to art museums, listened to jazz, went to musicals, and while C S was a junior in high school he took an adult class in existential philosophy at a nearby college with his father.”

The family moved from Sweetwater, Texas to Merriam, Kansas and then to Berkeley Heights, New Jersey where C S went to Governor Livingston Regional High School.  He first went by the name Chuck while in Berkeley Heights, a nickname that stays with him still.  As an All-State shot putter he went on to join the Ohio University track team and was a freshman there in the spring of 1970 when the National Guard unit that had been involved with the shootings at Kent State rolled in.  His interests at this time in his life were classical philosophy and eastern mysticism.

In 1973 Chuck met Barbara Little of Naperville, IL and six months later they were married.  At this point in his life he came to recognize the futility of his religious rambling and accepted Jesus The Christ as his Lord and Savior.  In ’75 he and Barb were joined by son, CJ, in ’78 by daughter, Sarah, and by daughter, Erin in ’81.  After a brief career as a plant manager he began a career in youth ministry, serving in part time positions at Naperville Evangelical Free Church, Naperville Presbyterian Church, and Young Life of Naperville.

In 1987, after several adolescents in his town attempted and one committed suicide, Chuck decided to return to North Central College to finish a degree in psychology and then to go to Wheaton College Graduate School for a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology.  After graduating he took a job as a counselor at Naperville Community Outreach and taught part time at North Central College.  A year later he was recruited by King College to move to Bristol, Tennessee to be the director of the school’s counseling center.  For the past twenty years Chuck’s normal work week (from September through April) includes 20 hours of counseling students, 20 hours of private practice, and teaching 2 college courses.  During this time he has also taught graduate courses at ETSU and Radford University.

The epistle of James became a focal point for Chuck.  Between 1995 and 2005 he wrote four applied theology books based on James, designed and taught two college courses based on James; Spiritual Formation and the Epistle of James and Introduction to Christian Counseling.  His interested in James eventually led him to write his first novel, The Bishop of Jerusalem.

Currently Chuck and Barb are enjoying an empty nest, which allows them to travel and visit their children and grandchildren in Chattanooga, Richmond, and Spring Hill, TN.  It also allows them to travel to locations like, Tuscany, Italy, Washington, DC, and New Orleans that provide settings for his Natasha McMorales mystery novels.