Another Why? mystery?

“It’s about time!”  Even her camel thinks so.

 Last summer when I finished “Through the Roof”  I took it to a Christian Fiction Writers conference to try and attract an agent.  I couldn’t get anyone to look at it because I don’t have enough Facebook followers.  Oh well…so much for that.  I’ve been told that as an Independent Author I need to put as much time towards selling my books and building my platform as I spend writing.  Oh well…so much for that too.  Between all that “feedback” and everything else in my life, I haven’t had the energy, or inclination, or both, to write.  But yesterday my new printer arrived and I was able to print the first 25 pages of the original version plus a new chapter featuring Nattie Moreland, the detective heroine from all of my “Why?” mysteries.  This morning, after figuring out where to place the Nattie chapter I was able to outline where to put another 12 Nattie chapters…now I just have to write them.  “Through the Roof” will become a Why? mystery…but that title just won’t do.    

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