Back covers for “Jasper Lilla and the Hendersonville Rescue”

unnamed-3Hendersonville Rescue: Back cover I

Back to normal was never an option for Jasper Lilla.   Besides kissing the girl of his dreams, Jasper had solved a murder, and nearly got himself killed, twice. Even if a 17 year-old boy could return to normal after all that, what he learned about his mother made it utterly impossible. In spite of all that his junior year at Watauga High was shaping up quite nicely. He had a girlfriend, a job, a new car, and a reputation for an appetite that would challenge the biggest eater on the football team. But then the unthinkable happened. To make it right Jasper would have to cut school, avoid the scrutiny of a nasty police detective, and tell some white lies to his family.   If the Hendersonville rescue was to succeed he’d need his unique gift and the unique gifts of each of his friends, but in the end would it be enough?

Hendersonville Rescue: Back cover II

“Why is it that just when you get exactly what you want, it’s taken from you?” It wasn’t a question Jasper ever uttered out loud, but his whole being screamed it with every breath.

“Let the police handle it, you’re not a warrior,” his mother told him.

“You’re not a hero,” his friends told him.

“Stay out of the way,” the detective told him.

Jasper knew he wasn’t a warrior. And he knew he wasn’t a hero. But he had good reason to mistrust the police and an even better reason to believe making it right was precisely his job.


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