BANNER day for “Jasper Lilla and the Wolves of BANNER Elk”

IMG_3031That’s our new tent wall.  It’s a 10′ X 7′ banner of the cover of  “Jasper Lilla and the Wolves of Banner Elk.”  I’m thinking about using that as the backdrop for some uTube readings.  All-in-all February 2015 is starting out well for the Jasper Lilla Chronicles.  The second book is at 17,500 words.  I just finished 3 chapters that take places at Galileo’s in Boone, NC.  Jasper and a football player named Dirk Sawyer face off at Galileo’s in an eating contest over the house special, a 1 pound burger with bacon between 2 grilled cheese sandwiches.  This is where the first big plot shift occurs.  The folks at Galileo’s have agree to review the last 3 chapters.  It is always an encouragement to me when the place I’m writing about endorses what I’m writing.

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