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Monday, July 20, 2015

DSCN2295Busy day in my book life (as opposed to my Marriage Counselor life or my Psychology Professor life).  Other than my 8:00 appointment, who is a regular in my psychotherapy practice, I booked no appointments today.  Over the weekend we were vendors at a 3 day festival in Banner Elk.  It was our first festival that required staying away from home overnight.  That meant an extra expense for travel, lodging, and meals, and it meant hauling extra boxes of books.  If we were near home and i was running low on a particular title there are people I can call and have run by the office for whatever I needed.  With an event that far away the title is either in the tent, in the car, or in my hindsight.  The event was a bit disappointing because the turnout was so low.  I’d like to see about 1000 people a day for every $100 it costs to be a vendor.  We all paid $200 for this event and I’d say we got about a $50 value.  With the extra costs my breakpoint was selling 70 books and we only missed by 8.  We got 13 people for our mailing list, gave away several hundred postcards, and made contacts for 2 other events.  We also met some great folks, spent some relaxing evenings in a beautiful part of the country, and learned a few things.  It was especially nice to get away as Sunday the 19th marked the end of a 2 week advertising blitz marking the Kindle release of “Jasper Lilla and the Hendersonville Rescue.”  Between those two things my mind and body were predictably spent, so we scheduled no appointments.  That allowed me to unload the Subaru, take stock of what we sold and what we made, reorder for the next event, and tend to what has been ignored since last Thursday.  So, I was free to deliver copies of both Jasper Lilla books to Joe Tennis of the Bristol Herald Courier for him to review, deliver extra copies of “Why Bristol?” to the Birthplace of Country Music Museum (which I now know is closed on Mondays) and made inquiries about my schedule at the Hendersonville Apple Festival and the Virginia Highlands Festival.  Alas…I haven’t written in “J.L. & the Flight to Boone” in weeks.

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5 MORE DAYS of $.99 Kindle Special

Jasper-Lilla-2-Cover_web 3No!  That’s not me.  That’s a Black Mamba snake.  It’s the most poisonous snake on earth.  It’s from Africa and not usually found in the States, but it’s in the States in “Jasper Lilla and the Hendersonville Rescue,” Book Two in the Jasper Lilla Saga.  A Black Mamba also plays a significant role in “Jasper Lilla and the Flight to Boone,” the 3rd and final Book in the series.

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Jasper-Lilla-2-Cover_webThe plot for “Jasper Lilla and the Hendersonville Rescue” picks up where “Jasper Lilla and the Wolves of Banner Elk” ends, with a discovery that rocks Jasper’s sense of identity and his understanding of how the universe works. Then, just when everything seems to click into place for him the thing he holds most dear is taken away right in front of his eyes. Making it right again will require a skill only he possesses, but to make it right he’ll have to lie to his mother, lie to his school, and avoid a police detective he knows he cannot trust.

Like “Jasper Lilla and the Wolves of Banner Elk” before it, “Jasper Lilla and the Hendersonville Rescue” will continue to surround the likable seventeen year old with interesting and quirky friends, nasty villains, and another surprise ending that even the most astute reader won’t see coming.  To buy go to:



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$.99 KINDLE SPECIAL on the Jasper Lilla Books

jasper-lillajasper-lilla2The Kindle version of Jasper Lilla and the Wolves of Banner Elk has been reduced from $7.99 to $.99 through Friday July 10th.  This reduction is to celebrate the release of Jasper Lilla and the Hendersonville Rescue on the 11th.


Wolves, nature’s ecological police, bring balance in nature wherever they go.  What would it be like if something similar happened in the world of men?  Seventeen year old Jasper Lilla of Boone, NC is about to find out.  He’s also about to find out who murdered Dr. Dietrich and what it’s like to face death himself.  But the most unsettling discovery Jasper is about to make is who he and his family really are.

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The wolves on Bays Mountain figure into two of my novels.  The 4.5 million dollar heist in “Why Now?,” the last Why mystery, occurs on December 4th, 2009, the same night the wolves escaped from Bays Mountain in reality.  Then in Book I of the Jasper Lilla Chronicles Carol and Linus take a wolf tooth necklace to Bays Mountain to see what effect it has on the wolves.  So it’s good to see that the Bays Mountain pack has a new generation.


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photo-20The cover on the left is the cover Dyan made in my office after I crudely sketched out a design on my dry marker board.  She can do things on the computer that I cannot, so I stand behind her and kibitz.  Once we’re done it gets sent to Cam, who can do things on her computer we can’t do in my office.  The cover on the right is the final cover.

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10371436_655141591250753_9086046158212851425_nPRIZE ANNOUNCEMENT:  Yesterday I had my assistant start collecting email addresses from all of you have have registered at my Blog so that I could send a mass email announcement about the release of “Jasper Lilla and the Hendersonville Rescue” and she informed me that emails of the blogs go to you already.  It’s just another example of my ineptitude in relating to the internet.  I want to let any of you who are on Facebook that I’ll be making an offer to all “likers” at my Facebook Author page (C S Thompson) and I wanted you all to have an advanced notice.  To celebrate the release of this sequel the Kindle price of both Book I & II will be 99 cents for the first week.  I’ll be making Facebook announcements just prior to and during that week and every time anyone shares that announcement from my page they will enter a drawing for a new Kindle eReader PLUS the Kindle versions of any 3 of my novels.  The winner can receive any or all of the prize or have any or all of it sent as gifts to whomever they choose.  So if you are of a mind to participate then head on over to my Facebook Author page and hit “like”… the prize announcement will come as soon as I know the release date.

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June 8 & 9: a pretty good week, but no writing

photo-19This is shaping up as a nice week. Last night we celebrated with Sam on his 79th birthday. Sam was the model for a feisty retired detective from Roanoke named Sam in “Why Knox?” This morning I unloaded, took inventory, and paid the sales tax from this weekend’s Blue Plum Festival in Johnson City. Friday was a horrible sales day, but Saturday made up for it. I’ll go back next year if I can get a location on Main Street instead of the side street where I was. I also approved the interior of “Jasper Lilla and the Hendersonville Rescue” and got a first approval of the cover. It looks great. I asked for sultry green eyes, a menacing Black Mamba snake and a dusty rose background. I got everything I wanted, BUT I’m rethinking the dusty rose color. Actually as I headed to one of my favorite writing spots (Blackbird Bakery) I stopped in at the Believe in Bristol Office and asked Christina and Emily for their opinions and they were adamant. Christina said, “No boy would read that book!” The dusty rose was my choice, but I think they’re right…Jumping ahead to Tuesday morning: Cam and I are sending cover tweeks and revision back and forth and it’s shaping up nicely. (As I wrote that sentence another version came and it’s the winner, so I can check that off the list). To top it off I just went by the Birthplace of Country Music Museum to pay my vendors fee for the Rhythm & Roots Festival in August. At the end of the week I’ll be doing some more research on Book III: “Jasper Lilla and the Flight to Boone.”

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unnamed-3Book II of the Jasper Lilla Chronicles is done.  At least the writing/rewriting/rewriting again and again part is done.  It still has some formatting finishing touches to go, which includes the 18 changes my proofreading discovered.  I’m still waiting for the final cover, and then it will have to get approved for publication.  I’m hoping for a release in mid-June. The next task is to figure out how to market the Kindle version.  And then I can get back to the fun (writing Book III, “Jasper Lilla and the Flight to Boone”).

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JASPER LILLA: Book II: Backflap

unnamed-3“Why is it that just when you get exactly what you want, it’s taken from you?”  It wasn’t a question Jasper ever uttered out loud, but his whole being screamed it with every breath.

“Let the police handle it, you’re not a warrior,” is what his mother told him.

“You’re not a hero,” is what his friends told him.

And the nasty detective just said, “Stay out of the way.”

Jasper knew he wasn’t a warrior.  He wasn’t a hero either.  But he had good reason to mistrust the police and an even better reason to believe making it right was a job only he could do.


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