I have used many strategies to develop characters. I build major characters around personality traits and/or adaptations and I give them depth by building a full family of origin history. sometimes I even use a TV or movie character as a model so I can picture the person as I write about him. The picture I have in my head for Kevin is the Owen Wilson character from “You, Me, and Dupree.” The tendency Kevin has for having get rich quick ideas that he never follows through with is based on someone I know (but I won’t say who). For walk-on characters in “Why Bristol?” I asked my Facebook friends for volunteers to have their names used. And that was fun. But a couple of days ago I was trying to picture a retired Roanoke policeman turned bodyguard and my friend Sam came to mind. Now Sam is in my Sunday School class and he not exactly the “type,” but I had the best time this morning envisioning how Sam would do what I needed the character to do. So as I enjoyed breakfast at CityMug I also enjoyed finishing that chapter of “Why Knox?”

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