With Rhythm & Roots right around the corner I want to introduce you to a friend of mine.  That’s Dane Kinser.  He and I are in front of an ant hill.  The red ants inside were sleeping at the time.  It was December of 2009 and we had traveled to Uganda with Safe WorldNexus.  Dane’s wive, Lauren was with us along with Matt Chambers and a number of other folks.  We had a great time and in the process fell in love with the country and the people.  I’m hoping to go back soon.  Dane and Lauren have already been back.  Now, back to Rhythm & Roots; Dane & Taylor will be preforming twice during the weekend and I recommend their music to everyone. My favorite song of theirs is “State Street” and you can hear it for yourself if you click on it below.  I’ll post more pictures from Uganda later this week.  By the way, I’ll be doing two book signings during the weekend.  Come on down and join us. State Street



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