George & Sids of Bristol, VA is a sentimental place for lots of Bristolians and not just because that is where everyone from Tennessee used to buy their lottery tickets. It’s a place where the owners, Brian & Karen Self, will go the extra mile for their customers. I met Karen Self, owner of George & Sids when she came by my tent at Rhythm & Roots this fall. She was excited to be associated with “Why Knox?” So today I went to George & Sids to ask her if she was still interested. I am at a point in the plot-line where I need Nattie to investigate Knox’s ex-boyfriend/backup singer and I hoped he could have at one point worked for her. When I pitched the idea to her she not only said yes but she gave me some great ideas…… George & Sids began in 1963 and in April they celebrated their 27th year with a fan appreciation day and that was right around the time Nattie would have come calling. Look for all of them in “Why Knox?” next summer.

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