“Getting it write”

photo-14In the Why Mysteries series I work hard to get it right.  By “work hard” I mean I’m use writing as an excuse to do what I really really enjoy – eat interesting things in interesting places. When I write about detective Nattie Moreland eating somewhere, it is ALWAYS somewhere I’ve been and something I’ve eaten.  MOST OFTEN when I write about a place I’m sitting in that place as I write.  Getting that right means that when one of my readers reads about a place they’ve been they know I got it right.  When I experience that with something I’m reading it makes me feel like I’m on the inside of the joke.  With the new book, “Jasper Lilla and the Wolves of Banner Elk” I’ve tried to get that right too.  I’ve visited an Alpaca farm, The Cherokee Indian Museum, The Wooly Worm Festival.  I’ve sent excerpts to The Wolf Conservation Center, The Banner Elk Chamber of Commerce, The Cherokee Indian Museum Director, an Alpaca farmer, an artist, and several eateries featured in the book.  Recently one wrote back and told me ‘thank you for trying to get it right.’ It was avery nice thing to say to a writer, especially since ‘right’ was spelled ‘write.’

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