IMG_0846 The timeline target for “Why Knox?” was always to get it in the hands of the editor before graduation. That’s partly to get it ready for the summer book festivals, but mostly it was because Barb and I were scheduled to leave for Tuscany, Italy for a month on the monday following graduation weekend. It would have been our third trip there. It was a location featured in the first Natasha McMorales why Mystery, “Why Natasha?” And it was to be the primary setting for the next novel. I had a plot figured out with a back story and central heroine and featuring Funfest of Kingsport. But it was not to be. We had to bail out on the Italy trip for this year, but we promised each other that we would return to Italy when the timing was better for everyone. And the plot line I had already laid out will still work with another location. With the refunds we got from the Italy trip reservations and the time we had already scheduled to be away we decided to get away for a week. But this alternative trip created a dilemma for my writing. You see I could not get the plot line to work with the location we picked. I could not find a way for Nattie to go where we went. Where did we go and how did I solve my dilemma? We went to St Lucia in the West Indies. I’ll tell you tomorrow what I did with Nattie.

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