photo-16The sequel to “Jasper Lilla and the Wolves of Banner Elk” was originally named “Escape from Asheville.”  It was a convenient city to use because it worked and because I know Asheville very well.  But then the City of Asheville decided to drop their big festival, Bele Chere.  I thought of Abingdon, but I’ve already featured Abingdon and Abingdon’s downtown doesn’t quite do what the plot needs it to do.  My next thought was Hendersonville, NC.  I had only been to Hendersonville once and that time was just a ride through downtown in the backseat of someone else’s car.  So I came to Hendersonville early yesterday afternoon and checked into the Claddagh Inn, an old boarding house built in the 1890’s.  Arial, the manager gave me the heads up on the eateries I should check out and off I went to do my kind of “research.”  I hit four spots yesterday and two this morning already and the decision was made: “Escape Form Asheville” is no more and “Hendersonville Hostage” is the new title.  Look for it (and me) at the Hendersonville Apple Festival in September.

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