1796094_10203965894046570_3151937631817293336_oI just finished a few edits on a section of “Jasper Lilla and the wolves of Banner Elk” in which Jasper and Riley go to the Wooly Worm Festival and encounter artist Kent Paulette working on a cityscape in front of Studio 140.  Although Jasper and Riley are fictitious everything else is real.  On the Saturday of the Festival Kent was really working on a city scape in front of Studio 140.  Kent was gracious enough to give me some feedback and insights into the scene I only imagined and he also shared with me some of his creative process.  As an author I am also an artist of sorts, so I was intrigued with what he had to say.  I especially liked the phrase “Letting go of control and inserting the present moment into the brushstroke.”  Some of his strategies include spending a large amount of time where he gets inspiration – in nature.  He also likes letting chance events, like drips or rain, and chance encounters with other while painting in public into his work.  As a therapist I find his process inspiring, but as an author I’m not sure how to stall it for myself….yet.  Thanks Kent.

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