0I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I like to write on location.  When you write where you writing about you just never know what little things you’ll pick up right there up close and personal.  I would never have known that tomatoes instead of sausage is the thing to order for breakfast at Betty’s Stockyard Cafe had I not been there and seen it for myself.  Had I  not been sitting in front of The Nutty Java I would never have met the real life building inspector from Kingsport……Then again, sometimes inspiration walks right up your driveway.  Just before noon I was outside sanding an old porch rocker when a white SUV drove up and parked.  “I just wanted to say thanks for the hours of entertainment,” said D***, “I just finished ‘Why Him?’ and started ‘Why Me?'”  He went on to say that he loved that he recognized so much of Bristol as he read.  Then he said, “I grew up in Kingsport,”and then he told me all about the downtown Kingsport he remembered from his childhood.  Sometimes inspiration strolls right up your driveway.

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