Introducing Carol Lilla of “Jasper Lilla and the Wolves of Banner Elk”

images-1That’s a picture of Jennifer Connelly from the movie “The Hulk.”  This is how I picture Carol Lilla, Jasper’s older sister by eight years.  She is obviously quite attractive, but she is also unimpressed by anyone impressed by her looks.  She left their home in Boone, NC and went to UCLA to study art when Jasper was eleven.  She met her husband Wally Beery at a coffee shop when he heard her blow off an offer to play Mary Ann in a remake of Gilligan’s Island.  When the producer asked if she’d be okay with “tasteful nudity” she told him to get lost.  Wally, a Bio-chemist bound to a wheel-chair, was sitting at the next table and informed Carol that the man she just blew off was a semi-famous Hollywood fixture.  They were married a year later.  When Wally gets a job as a researcher at Lion Pharmaceuticals he and Carol return to Boone.  They return at the beginning of Jasper’s sophomore year at Watauga High, which is also when the disjointed fragments of Jasper’s life begin to come together.

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