I did not expect to do much writing during the first month of ’13 and that held true. On January 2nd I had a total knee replacement done my my right leg. The pain was surprising less then I expected but my concentration was really shot. For the first 3 weeks my attention span was not conducive for reading much less writing. I watched almost every tv show Aaron Sorkin had anything to do with. I did some editing, but not much else until this past week when I stopped the pain meds and began driving again. Driving myself meant I could go to my favorite writing spots downtown; The Grind House, Manna Bagel, and CityMug. I’ll add Blackbird Bakery back to the list when I can climb the stairs to the balcony. Starting last Thursday I’ve added another 4,000 words. Feels good. “Why Knox?” is up to 49,000 words with about a dozen chapters to go.

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