“Jasper Lilla and the Wolves of Banner Elk” back cover

IMG_3045Before he inherited his father’s wolf tooth necklace, Jasper Lilla considered himself to be the most ordinary guy in Boone, North Carolina. He’d have done anything to please Riley Lyons, the girl with the strawberry lip gloss, but why would a girl like her be interested in an ordinary guy like him? To please her, he put on the necklace, and his life became anything but ordinary.
Despite the disapproval of his mother, Jasper got a job as an errand boy at Lion Pharmaceuticals. A man died in
his arms. A panic attack sent him to the ER. He was nearly killed…twice. Was the necklace responsible for that, or did the
necklace save him? Could the necklace have something to do with the uncanny appearances of the white wolf? What was its connection to the weird security guards at Lion Pharmaceuticals?
A deeper confusion came when Jasper discovered his father’s journal. Did his father really believe the necklace had some sort of magic power over wolves? Could it be a talisman used by the Nicatani, a legendary, priestly Cherokee clan? Could the necklace hold the key to who he and his family really are?
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