DSCN2225I haven’t blogged an update for a while and that’s because for the last couple of months every spare moment has been spent writing the first draft of “Jasper Lilla and the Wolves of Banner Elk.”  I’ve discovered that when I am writing the beginning or the ending I have a hard time letting much else in my head.  I noticed this recently when I realized that my routine of listening to an audible book when I walk Maggie in the morning didn’t work while I was also working on the end of a book of my own.  Apparently I can’t follow the plot of someone else’s novel if I keep drifting to thoughts of mine.  I’d get half way through our walk and either have no idea what I’d listened to or I’d recognize that I’d just spent twenty minutes listening to something I listened to yesterday.  On the plus side, I have now written the ending to “Jasper Lilla….” and it’s at 45,000 words.  I have another 4 chapters to insert into the middle and local color sections to expand when I can make my way to Boone and Banner Elk, NC so it should end up in the 50,000 word neighborhood.

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