June 8 & 9: a pretty good week, but no writing

photo-19This is shaping up as a nice week. Last night we celebrated with Sam on his 79th birthday. Sam was the model for a feisty retired detective from Roanoke named Sam in “Why Knox?” This morning I unloaded, took inventory, and paid the sales tax from this weekend’s Blue Plum Festival in Johnson City. Friday was a horrible sales day, but Saturday made up for it. I’ll go back next year if I can get a location on Main Street instead of the side street where I was. I also approved the interior of “Jasper Lilla and the Hendersonville Rescue” and got a first approval of the cover. It looks great. I asked for sultry green eyes, a menacing Black Mamba snake and a dusty rose background. I got everything I wanted, BUT I’m rethinking the dusty rose color. Actually as I headed to one of my favorite writing spots (Blackbird Bakery) I stopped in at the Believe in Bristol Office and asked Christina and Emily for their opinions and they were adamant. Christina said, “No boy would read that book!” The dusty rose was my choice, but I think they’re right…Jumping ahead to Tuesday morning: Cam and I are sending cover tweeks and revision back and forth and it’s shaping up nicely. (As I wrote that sentence another version came and it’s the winner, so I can check that off the list). To top it off I just went by the Birthplace of Country Music Museum to pay my vendors fee for the Rhythm & Roots Festival in August. At the end of the week I’ll be doing some more research on Book III: “Jasper Lilla and the Flight to Boone.”

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