“Just when I thought I was done”

photo-3That’s me sitting outside KP Duty trying to figure out how to rewrite a chapter of “Why Now?” Yesterday I thought I was done and then something changed…. My schedule opened up today so I was able to get over to Kingsport to deliver some packets of chapters to people who appear in “Why Now?” I like using the names of real local people in my mystery novels. It’s part of the fun of reading mystery novels set in location you, the reader, are familiar with. When you recognize something or someone you perk up and tell whoever is listening “Hey, I’ve been there,” or “I know her.” I often write on location because when I get the small details right the reader who’s been there and I will form an ‘insider’ sort of bond. It was a good thing I went to Kingsport today because when I parked at the corner of Broad and Market to deliver some chapters to Suzanne Barrett Justus I noticed that the Nutty Java II had moved to that corner. Last fall they were located in the middle of the block and on the other side of the street so when I wrote about the FBI agents sitting inside and then crossing the street to enter the alley behind Jan Mars it was accurate, but when “Why Now?” is published in July it wouldn’t have been.

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