10801550_1046436985382348_5162537719620353809_nI finished my writing of “Why Now?” in April and while readers and then the editor had it I began writing “Jasper Lilla and the Wolves of Banner Elk.”  Having the next plot or villain or ending creep into my head as I near the end of what I’m writing is pretty normal for me.    It’s not what I’ve been advised to do, but so far it’s what I do.  The advise of more seasoned and successful authors is to spend as much time marketing your books as you spend writing them, but other than going to local book events I don’t have a clue about what to do to market my books, so instead I just go ahead with the next novel.

I finished the first draft of “Jasper Lilla and the wolves of Banner Elk” in October and I sent it to some readers.  It was Standard Operating Procedure except a next novel wasn’t trying to creep into my head. Maybe that’s a good thing because my classes were coming to a close, my therapy practice was getting busy, and I was neglecting my EMDR training.  So for the last month I haven’t written a thing, and as for sales I’ve been to one event and established one retailer.  And now, all but one of the readers have gotten back to me, I’m getting some re-writing done, and the villains of the next novel are starting to come into focus.  Just in time for Christmas break.

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