JUSTIN BOOK the protagonist of “THROUGH THE ROOF”

image003The protagonist of “Through The Roof” is a man named Justin Book.  He is not based on me (any more than I can help), but he does manifest a couple of my fantasies (whimsey might be a better word).  Whimsey #1 is his career; he repurposes things into bookcases and sells them at craft shows and community festivals.  He once repurposed an old upright piano into a bookcase/display for oversized art books.  Whimsey #2: In the first draft I had him winning the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes (which was necessary to set up Whimsey #3) but I dropped that because I didn’t want him to have to deal with all the requests for money, so now I have him inheriting a large sum (yet to be determined). Whimsey #3: The money allowed him to buy a church and begin repurposing it to be his home.  This fantasy is one I’ve had since I saw the movie “Alice’s Restaurant” in the 60’s.  These whimseys have been nagging at me for at least a year.  I tried to push them away because I was finishing the 3rd book in the Jasper Lilla Saga, but now that that book is in the hands of readers, I’m all in for “Through The Roof.”

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