It was another good day. Two short chapters and 3000 more words for “Why Bristol?” The Cubs lost another lose one, but that’s old news. Kerry Wood, a pitcher whose rookie year with the Cubs was 1998, retired. He was a dominate strike out pitcher until arm trouble forced him to move from the starting rotation to the bullpen where he became dominate there as well. He was loyal to the Cubs and after a brief stint with the Indians and Yankees he returned to Chicago at a reduced salary. And today, after he was no longer effective and announced he wanted one more appearance at Wrigley he’d hang it up. So the Cubs repaid his loyalty with a loyalty, allowing him to get one last strikeout and exit the field to a standing ovation, which included the Chicago White Sox players in the opposing dugout. His son greeted him as he approached the dugout, and after hugs and high-fives from his teammates he entered the field again and patted his heart with his hand in a salute to the fans. It was a class act, all the way around. I wish I had been there.

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