1378072_761154267243956_465659938_nI’m working on “Why Now?: ???? in Kingsport”  (I’m still working on the title too) and with Barb in Chattanooga with our newest grandson it is a good day to write on location so even though I’m not to the part of the mystery where the action is in Kingsport I came to write on location.  Right now I’m sitting in The Bagel Exchange, a great place to write (not overly crowded, good coffee with free refills, and free WIFI).  Last week I asked my Kingsport Facebook friends where I could get a good truck driver breakfast and I got one suggestion, Betty’s Stockyard Cafe.  It wasn’t exactly a great place to write because all the seating was on stools around a counter and the stools were too tall for the counter.  But it was a great place for breakfast.  I had a biscuit with country gravy, scrambled eggs, and sausage.  The sausage was over cooked and the coffee was weak but A+ on everything else.  At almost 63 I was the youngest almost all male clientele.  Ava, named for Ava Gabor she said,  told me to yell her name whenever I wanted more coffee.  Ava seemed to know everyone who came, which she may have because everyone who came in after me ordered without looking at the menu.  None of them ordered the sausage and all of them ordered a side of tomato slices.  The tomato slices looked beautiful.  I’ll know next time.  I didn’t write about Betty’s while I was there but sooner or later Nattie will meet with Doug Hout (I describe him as an ‘old coot’) for breakfast and you can be sure that Ava will know him and he’ll order the tomato.

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