KITTY: Jasper Lilla name him

12294683_10154050104462884_6539024776647472092_nThat’s Sargent.  He’s the welcoming committee/guard dog at Fern Valley Farms where we took the kids on Easter Saturday.  White Great Pyrenees dogs are standard for Alpaca farms. I’ve been to several while doing research for the Jasper Lilla Saga and I’ve seen one of these great dogs at each.  They are huge.  They aren’t particularly menacing, but with their size they have a ‘don’t-mess-with-me’ aura.  So naturally there’s a Great Pyrenees guard dog at the Alpaca farm where Jasper Lilla lives and his name is Kitty.  Where did the name Kitty come from?  I’m glad you asked.  My son’s first pet was a hamster he named ‘cat.’  I’m just following him, 40 years later.

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