The TV Guide website just ran an article listing 15 canceled shows that viewers want to see come back. “Veronica Mars” starring Kristen Bell was #7 on the list. Veronica was a high school girl whose father was a police chief turned detective and the source of her interest and skill in solving crime. Veronica was not a tough who could fight their way out of a scary situation, and although Kristen Bell is a beauty herself, Veronica never seduced her way out of trouble either. She was clever and personable enough to have friends from a wide range of social circles. The show ended when Veronica went away to college. Had the show continued she would be around 30 now. It is no coincidence that Nattie (AKA Natasha McMorales) is 30 now. And it is no coincidence that is described as looking like Kristen Bell. Here’s an idea; wouldn’t all the Veronica Mars fans out there love to see Kristen Bell produce and star in a series of Natasha McMorales movies. Tom Selleck has done the same by producing and starring in a series of Jesse Stone movies. Come on Kristen …. let me hear from you.

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