IMG_0868As I said in an earlier blog, changing our plans from a month in Tuscany to a week in St Lucia created a significant writing problem for me. I had a full plot line laid out featuring Kingsport’s Funfest and Nattie following the designer of the scavenger hunt to Italy, but it would not have worked for Nattie to go to a couples resort. Luckily I’m a goof and I provided myself with some goofy moments. The socks escapade, which really happened to me also happened to my new character, Jack Stout. And secondly, as luck would have it, I had been playing with the idea of writing in first person but I didn’t want to change the way I write Nattie at this point. The third contributing factor were the almost ideal morning writing conditions. So, with all of that going on I just began to write what was on my mind. On my first morning there I wrote in first person what it felt like to go through the the whole socks affair the evening before. As I wrote a character started to emerge. His name is Jack. At the very beginning Jack’s experiences were mine, or rather mine were Jack’s. But then Jack and I began to differentiate, a little at first and then completely (and you understand that when I say completely I mean completely except when I decide otherwise). Jack is married to Alice (and the fact that Barb’s middle name is also Alice is a complete coincidence). Jack has a different name than I do, but how his name evolved is pretty similar to how my name evolved. I knew I wanted to feature Kingsport more so I gave him a job in Kingsport. He’s the building inspector (a job I could never do). So that is how I met Jack….maybe tomorrow I’ll introduce him to you.

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