WRITING: AUGUST 6th thru 9th

With classes starting in a few weeks I have been in a mad scramble to finish re-writing several older books while finishing the latest Natasha McMorales mystery (which I enjoy so much more).  So here was my weekend: Saturday I finished making all the corrections to “The James Prescrition” that Abbie, who edited it, suggested.  Sunday I recieved and reviewed a copy of “Slipping and Sliding Through Trials” from Sarah who formatted it.  Monday morning was breakfast with Brandon who is editing “From Mount Carmel to Mount Horeb.”  He gave me a dozen items to tend to in addition to the 1 or 4 extra chapters I may decide to add.  Then Monday afternoon Craig emailed me the final edit of “Why Me?”, which we discussed over lunch today, Tuesday.  Later today, when Dianna is finished typing the corrections I’ll be sending “The James Prescription” to Sarah for formatting.  And if I’m lucky I’ll have the corrections to “From Mount Carmel to Mount Horeb” done and on to Sarah as well.  I don’t generally have that many different projects going at the same time so naturally I decided to write this blog.  Am I avoiding something?

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