Monday, July 20, 2015

DSCN2295Busy day in my book life (as opposed to my Marriage Counselor life or my Psychology Professor life).  Other than my 8:00 appointment, who is a regular in my psychotherapy practice, I booked no appointments today.  Over the weekend we were vendors at a 3 day festival in Banner Elk.  It was our first festival that required staying away from home overnight.  That meant an extra expense for travel, lodging, and meals, and it meant hauling extra boxes of books.  If we were near home and i was running low on a particular title there are people I can call and have run by the office for whatever I needed.  With an event that far away the title is either in the tent, in the car, or in my hindsight.  The event was a bit disappointing because the turnout was so low.  I’d like to see about 1000 people a day for every $100 it costs to be a vendor.  We all paid $200 for this event and I’d say we got about a $50 value.  With the extra costs my breakpoint was selling 70 books and we only missed by 8.  We got 13 people for our mailing list, gave away several hundred postcards, and made contacts for 2 other events.  We also met some great folks, spent some relaxing evenings in a beautiful part of the country, and learned a few things.  It was especially nice to get away as Sunday the 19th marked the end of a 2 week advertising blitz marking the Kindle release of “Jasper Lilla and the Hendersonville Rescue.”  Between those two things my mind and body were predictably spent, so we scheduled no appointments.  That allowed me to unload the Subaru, take stock of what we sold and what we made, reorder for the next event, and tend to what has been ignored since last Thursday.  So, I was free to deliver copies of both Jasper Lilla books to Joe Tennis of the Bristol Herald Courier for him to review, deliver extra copies of “Why Bristol?” to the Birthplace of Country Music Museum (which I now know is closed on Mondays) and made inquiries about my schedule at the Hendersonville Apple Festival and the Virginia Highlands Festival.  Alas…I haven’t written in “J.L. & the Flight to Boone” in weeks.

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