“WHY NOW?” @ 32,000 / Bob Barker @ 3,500,000

bob1-480x553I finished “Why Now?” Part II early last week.  It’s at 32,000 words. In Part II the number of characters who may have done “it” rose from 3 to 5.  If I can continue to get to Kingsport one full morning a week and get some other writing times in Bristol then I’m on pace to finish the rough draft in December.  I spent the end of the week working on the outline for the remainder of the book and a couple of surprises emerged.  The first surprise was that the suspects number rose from 5 to 6.  The second surprise may or may not work it’s was into the book but here it is:  I need a painting that is valued at $3.5 million.  I was thinking it could be a Monet because Ginger Tomlinson would go to the D’Orsay in Paris, or a Botticelli because Nattie has a print of ‘Birth of Venus’ in her office.  On a whim I Googled ‘3.5 million dollar painting’  and this painting of Bob Barker was the first thing that came up.  SURPRISE.

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