imageIn the beginning the plotline for “Why Now?” was supposed to be an abduction of the annual FunFest scavenger hunt in Kingsport, TN. The basic idea came form my friend, Jack. My embellishment of his idea was that when, on each day of FunFest the scavenger hunt hint was given there would also be a double meaning around the hint, which would culminate in some sort of crime or destruction putting a black eye on that year’s FunFest. The woman who was in charge of the scavenger hunt would of course be horribly embarrassed and even blamed, so she’d sign up for a month long trip to Italy to get out of town. This is where Detective Nattie Moreland comes in; she is hired to follow the woman to Tuscany. The mystery for Nattie would be to discover who sabotaged the scavenger hunt, who hired her to follow the organizer to Italy, and most importantly why.

That was the plan through the spring of 2013 while I finished getting “Why Knox?” ready for publication. That was the plan until the beginning of April. I was scheduled to teach a psychology class in Tuscany for King University during May, and planned on doing quite a bit of writing while I was there. “Why Knox?” was in the hands of my editor, the spring semester was over, all was a go but then some health issues (not mine or Barbs) made it impossible for us to be gone for a month.
We were able to get away for a week, however, so we went to a Sandals resort on St. Lucia. The change in destination made my original plot obsolete, because I couldn’t have Nattie, a single woman, follow a married, but traveling alone woman, to a couples resort. (Okay, I could have kept the original lot, but if I didn’t include St. Lucia in my novel then I couldn’t write off some of the trip as a business expense).

So the FunFest scavenger hunt got scrapped (at least for now) as part of the back-story. I was able to get FunFest back into the story as Nattie and her brother, Kevin, along with his new girlfriend go to the Chicago concert that marked the end of the 2013 FunFest. That is when one of the last pieces of the puzzle falls into place for Nattie to solve the mystery.

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