WHY NOW? Update: Am I losing control of this novel?

Last Summer I got the inkling of an idea for the next Why mystery.  The idea came from my friend Jack who suggested I do something with Funfest in Kingsport.  Good idea I thought seeing as how I’d pretty well saturated Bristol.  I couldn’t run with the idea because “Why Knox?” was still 6 months away from being released.  By March I turned “Why Knox?” over to editing, blocking, and proof reading so I left my mind begin to wander towards book #6.  By March the basic story line included Nattie following a Kingsport woman (the woman in change of the Funfest scavenger hunt) to Tuscany Italy, which conveniently paralleled my own planned trip to Tuscany in May.  Then May came around and our plans had to change because of the health of a family member (who is fine now).  But by the end of May the opportunity for a week in St Lucia came and we took it.  That created a logistics problem for me because it wouldn’t make sense for Nattie, a single, to go to a Sandals resort.  Without a thought of where it would end up I began to write in first person.  I wrote about funny things I saw, experienced, and thought and a new character emerged.  His name is Jack and he’s the Kingsport Building Inspector.  By June I had worked out a new plot-line and had 15,000 words.  “Why Knox?” was released in June and for the next 4 months writing was replaced by going to 7 book selling events, prepping two college classes, preaching once a month, and welcoming a new grandson into the world.  But for the last 5 weeks I’ve been able to get away at least one full morning a week to write, often in Kingsport and now “Why Now?” is at 30,000 words.  And although I know that the crime is an art burglary that occurred on December 4th, 2009 the night the wolves escaped on Bays Mountain, I don’t know who did it.  On Monday I would have said it was one of three people, but after my Thursday morning excursion to Kingsport I have it narrowed down to two people, neither of whom are are any of the three that I would have told you about on Monday.  Am I losing my mind or just control of this novel?

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