“WHY NOW?” UPDATE: A new subtitle

photoI just stopped in at the Believe In Bristol office to deliver some Why Mystery novels to Christina and Rene.  They asked how my next novel was coming along…so they got what they deserved…a question.  “My subtitle is too long,” I said. “Why Now?: The Night the Wolves Escaped from Bays Mountain” is too long.  Rene agreed.  Christina’s offering was “The Bays Mountain Escape.”    I liked that but suggested “Escape From Bays Mountain.” “That sounds a lot like the book, “Escape From Witch Mountain.”  I’m not sure what subtitle I’ll eventually end up with but I sure appreciate the input, so thanks Christina and Rene.  And by the way “Why Now?” is at 51,000 words with a detailed outline for the five remaining unwritten chapters….hopefully it will be ready by early spring.

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