Wolves-at-Bays-Mountain-Park-300x225Every citizen of Kingsport remembers the night of December 4, 2009.  That was the night a storm blew over a tree on Bays Mountain and six wolves escaped their “habitat.  The largest burglary in the history of Kingsport also happened that stormy night but because of the wolf escape it went virtually unnoticed.  Four million dollars worth of art and other collectibles were stolen from a room safe which had just been added to the home of Presley and Ginger Holmes.  The prime suspect had been the contractor whose faulty construction and inferior building materials made it easy for the burglars to dismantle an exterior wall.  He was not convicted.  He had an airtight alibi.  Because of the large insurance settlement homeowner Presley Holmes was also suspected, but he too had an airtight alibi.  The theft was never solved and none of the art or collectibles has ever been recovered….until now.

Now, nearly four years later, the case is about to be re-opened.  Some unusual gold coins from the Holmes collection have turned up near a playground at Warriors State Park. Jack Stout, the Kingsport building inspector, is the one who found the coins.  Although Jack turned the coins in immediately he has drawn the unwanted attention of both the City Attorney and Federation Fidelity, the insurance company that is out the four million dollars.  Unfortunately for Jack he was also the building inspector for part of the Holmes room safe addition and also the childrens’ playground.  Before Jack is charged or arrested he decides to take Lionel O’Briens’ advice and hire a Private Investigator.

Jack tries to hire detective Nattie Moreland (aka Natasha McMorales) of Bristol but there is a conflict with her taking the job outright.  Officially The Natasha McMorales Detective Agency is representing the interests of Federation Fidelity Insurance Company.  Specifically the case belongs to her ex-husband Nathan and not her.  Unofficially Nattie does not care who hires her, if she’s hired to find out who did it, she’ll find out who did it even if it’s who hired her.  But is that good enough for Jack?

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