OCTOBER 3, 2013: On location in Kingsport

0-1I had breakfast at Betty’s Stockyard Cafe again.  This time I got the tomatoes instead of the sausage and OJ instead of coffee.  Ava gave me extra tomatoes because I mentioned I had been once before and noticed that tomatoes was what all the regulars got.  When I headed out to my car I noticed that about half a dozen of the men who had left before me were all sitting on the porch telling stories and laughing.  I pictured old coot Doug Hout being one of them and then I pictured Nattie sitting there with them asking questions about Kingsport in the “old days.”  I took this picture of the gathering from my car window.

While I was having breakfast I worked on a chapter in which Jack debates whether or not to hire Nattie as a PI.  He realizes that his fear of getting in trouble goes back into his childhood as he remembers an incident from the 4th grade.  I may blog that story in the future.

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