“one thousand gifts” & my 1st five

Unknown-2It was 8:00 when I finished putting the finishing touches on my sermon this morning. I was sitting on the back side of McDonalds where I could look out at nature versus the view of Volunteer Parkway if I had sat in front. There was a really loud guy sitting at another booth along the back side. He had “disturbed” my peace on other occasions so I usually avoid being near him, but he was alone so I thought I was okay. My sermons lately have all been about JOY and today was no different. Today’s angle was on the need to be mindful about our thoughts (Phil 4:8) and as part of that I read an excerpt from “One Thousand Gifts.” The book was new to me but it has been popular among women for a couple of years (why are we men so slow to notice?). The author, Ann Voskamp, JOY to THANKSGIVING. I think she’s right and I had some time to kill so I decided to begin my own list. #! The little red flowers that surrounded the garbage can in the MickyD’s parking lot. Every time I got stuck as I prepped my sermon that is where I looked. This time I was thankful. While I was writing about #1 someone sat down across from loud guy and he began a none stop stream of consciousness dialogue that rattled my every nerve. ‘Look at the flowers again,’ I told myself and as I did a little bird landed on the window ledge on the other side of the glass from me and actually winked at me. The little bird was #2. And as I finished writing about #2 the loud guy’s visitor left. Him leaving was #3. Can you believe it? I was getting ready to preach about slowing down and focusing, not on what annoys you, but on what is pure, and lovely, and excellent. What a specimen I am. Noticing My #3 made me laugh (out loud). #4 is a sense of humor and gift #5 is the trust that God’s love for me did not diminish at all as He too noticed my #3.

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