The Bishop of Jerusalem

The Bishop of JerusalemIf you knew your life was about to end, how would you prepare yourself? First-century Jerusalem was always in political turmoil as the seven Jewish sects completed for power under the watchful presence of Roman occupation. But with the death of the Roman procurator and the installation of a new high priest, the danger to James escalated considerably. James, the brother of Jesus, and the leader of the Christian sect known as The Way, knew well that it was a volatile time. Ananas, the new high priest, was seizing this opportune moment to pressure James into denouncing his faith, his Lord, and his brother. Who would guess that the simple answer to Ananas’ question would cost James his life…but build an enduring legacy of faith for generations to come?

The intriguing story based on the last days of James, the brother of Jesus and writer of the epistle James in the Bible, who was martyred in 62 AD.

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