The Crossroads

The CrossroadsThe ebb and flow of life is filled with moments of decision.  We build our repertoires of skills, strengths, and strategies by working our way through one trial after another, one point in our journey when we must meet a need or solve a problem.  These decision moments are like forks in the road; points in our journey where we must choose and in the choosing change ourselves and the journey.

There are other moments in our journey through life in which we can make choices that will change our journey, but in which we are not forced to choose.  We can, at these moments, choose not to choose.  We can choose to proceed as if the opportunity for change was not noticed.  These moments are not opportunities for building skills, but rather are opportunities for discovering heretofore unknown aspects of ourselves and upon noticing having the freedom to decide what are truly us and what is not.  These moments are CROSSROADS.

This is a fable of such a moment.

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