Putting “Why Now?” to rest

Why Now? Coming July 2014!Earlier this afternoon I finished my last pre-editor edits on “Why Now?” I have a meeting set up with the Kingsport Office of Cultural Arts on Friday to get their init on how I have represented various Kingsport cultural events and landmarks, but in terms of plot and character development it is ready to send to the editor. I was sitting in Blackbird Bakery at the time and was a bit surprised to realize that a sort of sadness washed through me as I closed my laptop. It didn’t last long but I swear it was a moment of grief. I’ve finished books before, but this felt different. I do know that I did not expect to be done today, and maybe that is why it caught me so off guard. I already set a release date of July 11th and my next novel is already percolating, so I thought I was ready to be done. Then this thought cheered me right up: I’ll have plenty to do once the editor is done with it. Yeah!

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