IMG_0880We arrived at our Sandals Resort on St Lucia on Tuesday afternoon and while checked in Barb made us diner reservations a Toscanini, the 5 star Italian restaurant. I still had no idea how I was going to work any of this into a Natasha McMorales Why mystery. How could I put Nattie on a Caribbean Island couples resort when she is not a couple (especially when you consider what I did with Nathan at the end of “Why Knox?”). At 8:15 we made our way to the restaurant. I was wearing a new collared shirt and long pants with a crease. The literature Barb read said these were required and I was on top of it. What their literature didn’t say and what I wasn’t on top of was closed toed shoes. It’s a Sandals on a Caribbean Island, why would I need anything other than sandals. Colored socks would work…..but where do you get colored socks? I paid $20 for a pair of used socks from a Canadian honeymooner who happened to be playing pool. It solved my styling problem and it would soon solve my writing dilemma too.

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