That’s Chyna Brackeen. She’s the manager of The Black Lillies and she came by the tent to say that The Black Lillies were okay to be in “Why Knox?” the next Natasha mystery. That was just one of the Saturday delights. Paige Travis, the host of the WDVX radio show I read at on friday night, also came by the tent and invited me to come back and read a chapter from “Why Knox?” next year.
Friday I discovered an electrical outlet next to my tent so I took three strings of Christmas tree lights and an extension cord and strung them through the overhead framework. It really brightened up the tent in the evening. I think I’ll take 6 strings next year. It was a good day for us. We met Gaye from Pulaski who made frozen drinks and funnel cakes. She bought all the Natasha books and we bought several frozen drinks throughout the weekend. We sent customers to her and she let us stack postcards at her stand.

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